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IMPACT teaches personal safety—and more.

As important as it is to learn to protect oneself from strangers who mean harm, people are more often confronted by those they know. Friends, acquaintances, coworkers, classmates, and trusted adults cross boundaries and push limits. At IMPACT, we teach , safety awareness, physical self-defense and how to respond to everyday situations—all through a broad range of interactive workshops and courses.

IMPACT builds personal safety from the inside out.

That means providing opportunities to practice new skills in reality-based scenarios. It means strong support and coaching. It means teaching muscles what they need to do in the event of a threat or assault. It means once learned, the techniques are not forgotten. And it means at IMPACT, we understand how hard it can be to face concerns about your safety, especially if you are a survivor of assault.

IMPACT offers programs for people of all ages and abilities.

Everyone has the right to be safe. That is why IMPACT offers programs for people of all ages, starting with children as young as four years old through adults of any age. We have experience working with people with special needs. Each course is designed to address the personal safety issues of any age group and the needs of each individual.

IMPACT teaches people of all ages and abilities to:

  • Recognize when boundaries are not respected.
  • Communicate effectively in confrontations.
  • Say “no” clearly.
  • Set boundaries with strangers or friends.
  • Defend against verbal or emotional attack.
  • Sharpen instincts.
  • Recognize the warning signs of danger.
  • De-escalate threatening situations.
  • Use emotions, including fear, to keep safe.
  • Defend against physical assault.
  • Utilize “muscle memory.”
  • Live each day with greater confidence.

Expand your choices. Live more fully.

Courses and Workshops - Click here for current schedule

Children Ages 5 to 7 and Their Caring Adults

In this workshop, children learn and practice personal safety skills that are effective and appropriate for their age. The course addresses safety when children are near their caring adult and when farther away. Children learn to protect themselves by practicing clear boundary setting, avoiding potentially dangerous situations, how to ask for help and what to do should the verbal skills not work. Parents or legal guardians participate in the workshop with their children. 2 1/2 hours.

Youth Ages 8 to 12 / Teens Ages 13 to 17

Students learn and practice basic verbal and nonverbal personal safety techniques that are effective in situations they are most likely to encounter. The course emphasizes alternatives to using physical force such as clear boundary setting, awareness of one’s surroundings, and avoidance of potentially dangerous situations. Dealing with bullies is addressed. Students also learn what to do should their verbal techniques not work. The teen course includes issues about dating, peer pressure and making mature choices. 2 to 9 hours.

Adults Ages 18 and Older

In this offering, participants learn to recognize the warning signs of danger; de-escalate threatening situations; deal with friends, acquaintances, and strangers who cross personal boundaries; confront situations of uncertainty; and defend against a physical and sexual assault. 2 to 20 hours.

Safety Training for Professionals

This training addresses the issue of vulnerability for staff whose positions have them at high risk of confrontation or assault. The training encompasses the same concepts as IMPACT’s other offerings—recognition of boundaries, verbal de-escalation strategies, and physical self-defense techniques—and is custom-designed for job-specific situations. An organization’s safety policy can be incorporated into this training. 2 to 12 hours.

Everyone, regardless of age, physical fitness, body type and ability can learn the skills. In every program, participants learn to enhance their own natural strengths and abilities. Class size is limited to ensure individual attention and personalized instruction.








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